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Ingrid Hollister

Name Ingrid Hollister (*)

Position Team Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 28
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Supe-Name The Contortionist
Power Level In-Betweener
Power Set Shapeshifting - 1 Point
-Can transform to look like other people with relative ease but altering her body on the genetic level
-Can contort the shape of her body through contracting or stretching, but that is also painful

Enhanced Strength, Agility, & Durability - 1 Point

Other Abilities:
Peak Human Physical Ability

Physical Appearance

Race White
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 Lbs
Build Curvaceous
Hair Color Most often white with purple highlights (Natural Blonde)
Eye Color Natural Hazel
Appearance Description In her natural form, Ingrid has a delicate and pretty face, big doe hazel eyes, and a perfect body. Ingrid wears many tattoos and considers her body a canvas of sorts.
Costume Though generally Ingrid is actually naked in order to change herself into different forms without having to worry about clothing, she normally projects a specialized costume with her abilities. It is a skintight and low-cut black leather outfit with highheeled black boots.


Spouse Roger Edmunds (Ex-Husband - Deceased)
Parents Father Frank Holt (Secret)
Mother Jenny Schmidt
Siblings Mark, David, and Patrick
Other Important Family Members Janine Holt (Adopted Mother)(Secret)
Relationships With Family Ingrid's history and family are a secret, and she refuses to talk about them. She has found it impossible to remove herself from their schemes and is often forced to help them in order to keep her cover in tact.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like in a Group? The first thing one notices about Ingrid is her beautiful appearance; the second thing is her sharp attitude and unrelenting determination. A social butterfly as well as a strong-willed rebel, Ingrid is exactly what her life has made her. She has climbed from a crime-ridden upbringing to a life that supposedly upholds justice, though the convictions of the superhero life are still difficult for her to truly internalize. Ingrid is a trained liar, but hopes, perhaps with considerable naivety, that one day the truth will be acceptable to the public whose affection she loves.
Hobbies and Interests Ingrid is a man's woman and has experienced what its like to be almost every kind of person, so its no surprise that her main hobbies are drinking, smoking, playing cards, and hanging with the boys. She is a woman who loves her sports as well, and spends much of her free time doing physical exercises and dancing. She enjoys the company of attractive men and women as much as anyone, but her charm and variable appearance allows her to attract attention most others cannot. Her love for travel and exploration is more than fulfilled in her superhero career.

Privately, Ingrid also enjoys playing piano and painting.
Personal Goals Above all, Ingrid seeks to escape from her old life. She has many secrets to keep and she is determined to do so.

Other than that, Ingrid longs for excitement, stimulation, fame, and novelty and looks forward to experiencing as much of these things as she can while she is still young. She has no particular desire to be married or to have children.

Personal Timeline

Professional Record