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Daniella Gaitán

Name Daniella Gaitán

Position Team Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 26
Hometown Joliet, Illinois
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Supe-Name Shadowfox
Power Level Mid-Level
Power Set Teleportation (1 pt.): Comfortable radius of two miles. Three miles at a stretch if precision is not required. Can carry up to 200 lbs with her. Distance, weight carried, and frequency all add to the energy required.

Shadow Manipulation (1 pt.): Can deepen or reshape shadows through bending and absorbing light. Because she absorbs all the light she effects,

Enhanced speed, durability, and strength (1 pt.)

Physical Appearance

Race Latinx
Height 5'5"
Weight 123 lbs.
Build Curvy
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Appearance Description An elegant young woman with piercing, dark eyes, a round, pretty face, and a dashing stride.
Costume Her costume is all black. Boots, belt, trousers, pullover. She easily fades into shadow.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Gabriel Gaitán, Alexandra Gaitán (née Hamilton)
Siblings Linda Gaitán, Julie Gaitán
Relationships With Family In general, Dani continues to have a good relationship with her family. Both her sisters look up to her and her parents support her heroics. However, her mother can be over involved and pushed very hard for her daughter to make a hero team.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like in a Group? Dani can be shy in groups, though she can play it off as mysterious and coy when she's in a more confident and flirty mood. She tends to more of a listener than a talker with friends though she can share a great deal once she gets going. She is averse to social conflict and tends to be coolly civil with enemies in non-combat situations.
What Are They Like When Alone? Dani likes to read and listen to music. She's also an animal lover. She currently has two cats named Artemis and Diana.
What Are They Like Under Stress? Once she is committed, Dani holds up well under stress. However, she is sometimes upset by it after the fact and takes ongoing social stress poorly.
One Thing They Are Good At She's a good dancer.
One Thing They Are Bad At Dani is not good at expressing herself directly.
One Thing They Need Everyone to Know About Them
Dani wants her reputation to be mysterious and alluring. She wants to be viewed as a hero but she is very much a being of shadows. She is not about the bright, primary colors and simplistic slogans.
One Thing They Never Want Known About Them Dani does not want anyone to know how vulnerable she often feels.
Worst Habit Dani doesn't like being socially at odds with anyone. She has trouble just letting conflicts and feelings go without resolution.
Worst Fear Accidentally causing collateral damage.
Hobbies and Interests Music, books, movies, plays with her cats
Personal Goals To make it safer and make a reputation doing so.

Personal Timeline

What Do They Remember Most About Their Birthplace/Childhood? She remembers running around on warm summer days that felt like they would go on forever.
Life Event(s): Childhood Dani is the daughter of working class parents and the oldest of three girls. She comes from a loving home and had a largely happy childhood. However, she was the only supe in the family and there was a lot of pressure on her from an early age. Her mother put getting her on a team even above her schooling.
Life Event(s): Adolescence Dani tried to have as normal an adolescence as she could. She went on her first date and had her first kiss. She made new friends. She started growing more emotionally and intellectually independent. However, there was always pressure to perform as a supe.
Academic/Academy Degree(s) Dani has a high school diploma. She was a good student, though she was often absent while her mother promoted her emerging supe career. She joined G-Wiz before she finished high school.
Life Event(s): Adulthood Dani has spent her entire adult life so far as a costumed hero. She has not attended college and she has largely drifted away form her normal friends from high school. She is dedicated to the mission.

She has had several relationships, often with other supes, but has not settled down and is unsure if she ever wants to. She does not leak her personal information to supe gossip rags nor does she go on dates as Shadowfox so the general public is left to wonder.

Professional Record

Civilian Work History She has not done civilian work.
Hero Service History Dani was in G-Wiz until she was 23. She thought she would be a shoe-in in the G-Men eventually but she also had aspirations of joining Payback or even one day joining The Seven. Until Ark made her a better offer. Her mother disapproved which only made her more certain of her decision. She's a dedicated Freedom Fighter. No looking back.