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Mrs. Tara Helman

Name Tara Helman (*)

Position First Lady

Rank Mrs.

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 42
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Political Party Republican
Occupational History First Lady of the United States (2017-Present)
First Lady of Indiana (2009-2017)
Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana (2005-2009)
Personal Aide to the Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana (1998-2009)

Physical Appearance

Race White
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Appearance Description This character is portrayed by Eva Longoria


Spouse President Gabriel Helman
Children Brandon Helman
Sophia Helman

Personality Traits

Personality Tara is extraverted, fashionable, smart, and politically savvy. She has a history in both public administration and political advising and she is just as valuable, if not moreso, than any advisor on the President's staff.
Personal Goals Tara wants to distinguish herself as a fashionable White House hostess and to see her children become well adjusted, despite all of the wealth and attention being lavished upon them.

Personal Timeline

Professional Record