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Ms. Sara Gilmore

Name Sara Gilmore (*)

Position Executive Assistant to the President

Rank Ms.

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 26
Hometown Indianapolis, Indiana
Political Party Republican
Occupational History Executive Assistant to the President (2017-Present)
Staff Secretary, Helman for America (2015-2016)
Intern, Office of the Governor of Indiana (2014)

Physical Appearance

Race White
Height 5'6"
Weight 110 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Appearance Description This character is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario


Personality Traits

Personality Cautious, emotive, and introverted, Sara is a picture of youthful creative energy. She's always full of ideas and feelings, but never knows quite how she should be putting them to good use. In regards to her work, she has learned to be reliable and keeps excellent records and notes and an accurate calendar to keep herself on top of things. Sara knows how to cut lose and loves to have fun when she's with the right people.

Personal Timeline

Professional Record