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Mrs. Barbara Ramsay

Name Barbara Lyn Ramsay (*)

Position Senior Counselor

Rank Mrs.

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 61
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Political Party Republican
Occupational History Senior Counselor & Assistant to the President for Public Engagement & Intergovernmental Affairs (2017-Present)
Chair, Helman Presidential Transition Project (2016-2017)
President & CEO, EdChoice (Indianapolis) (2010-2017)
President, DePaul University (2001-2009)
Vice President for Enrollment, Harvard University (1997-2001)
Professor of Communications, Harvard University (1985-1997)
Professor of Communications, DePaul University (1982-1985)

Physical Appearance


Spouse John Ramsay

Personality Traits

Personal Timeline

Professional Record