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Honeyed Words

Posted on Thu Dec 23rd, 2021 @ 1:49pm by Mr. Kenneth Frost M.D. (*) & Vice President Nina Frost (*)

Mission: So Help Me, God
Location: Vice President-Elect's Office, Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Timeline: Friday, January 13, 2017; 7:30pm

Late nights were normal in D.C. politics, but where most people were filing papers, writing speeches, or yelling at allies over the phone, Nina Frost spent it in other more interesting pursuits. It had quickly become normal for her to lock herself away in her office with her Chief of Staff at the close of each day and her staff had long sense started speculating about what they might be discussing behind those large oak doors. None would know, however, even after her long-time political adviser would emerge from the office and return to his own office to work by himself.

Many of those preparing to become a part of the Office of the Vice President had worked for Nina Frost since she entered the Senate four years before now. Many of them had worked on her Presidential campaign in ‘16 and shared her disappointment at losing in the primaries. They were loyal and, for the most part, they either believed in her or believed in her ability to take them all the way to the top. So, when the subtle sounds of bumping or the occasional stray moan escaped her office and fell on their ears, they pretended not to hear; they even pretended to be in denial.

Nina Frost’s red heels had been kept on despite the shedding of her rather dainty red panties, and provided a fitting decoration for Tony Todd’s back as he knelt in front of her desk, his head buried at the meeting of her thighs beneath her hiked-up black skirt. Her Chief of Staff was accustomed to this particular assignment and he did it quite well. She arched her hips as the explosive climax took over her body, clenching her muscular legs and threatening to cut off the man’s air supply before she sank, muscles relaxed, with a panting smile on her face.

The man emerged from his servile position, using the sleeve of his white cotton dress shirt to wipe the wetness off of his face. He was smiling as well, leaning over the highest ranked woman in the country.

“In a week, we can do this in the West Wing.” She said, reaching up and placing a hand on his face.

“The Vice Presidential office has probably never seen this kind of action.” He responded, his hands finding her thighs as he leaned toward her.

“I was thinking bigger than that.” She said, placing a hand on his chest and roughly shoving him back. She stood up, her skirt falling again. “I was thinking we might be able to find a way into the oval for a few minutes..”

“That’s a terrible fucking idea, Nina.”

She grinned and grabbed the tall man by the arms and switched places with him, pushing him against the desk upon which she had just been laying and crouching quickly, her fingers working skillfully at his belt buckle. It seemed the time for talk had ended for her. Nina Frost was a go getter, she was tough, she was charming, she was an insider in the intelligence community, but she was weak to the kink. She had secrets she kept from everyone including the American people and her husband. If she wasn’t careful, they would come back to bite her in her well-toned ass.

Before she could get to what she was after beneath Tony’s black leather belt which smelled brand new, she heard a buzz and the familiar ringtone of her phone. This didn’t stop her at first, however, and she continued, unbuttoning his pants and working them down beneath his hips.

Tony Todd, on the other hand, was not so far gone that he thought the Vice President-Elect’s phone should just go unanswered. He grabbed her phone and held it up in front of himself.

“It’s the Mr, Nina.” He said, extending her phone down toward his crotch, shaking it dramatically by her face even as she continued toward her own goal. “You should probably answer.”

“I’m busy. He can wait until I’m finished.” She stated, some command creeping into her voice. He would recognize the tone, of course. He’d led her congressional staff for three and a half years and was at her side all through the campaign. He had been the one to talk her into accepting the position as Gabe Hellman’s running mate, despite her prideful misgivings.

“You’re going to answer your phone, Nina.” He said firmly, grabbing her by the arm and practically dragging her back to her feet.

“Hey, who’s the boss here?” She asked, smiling playfully as she obediently took the phone, her other fist landing solidly on his chest in a jocular jab.”

“You are, ma’am. Now act like it.” He said, his hand finding her bottom with practiced ease as she lifted the phone to her ear. He squeezed it briefly, and then let go.

“Hey, Ken.” She said in a sudden calm, forcing the smile from her face.

On the other end of the phone, she could hear the subtle sound of music playing in the background as if from a speaker.

“Hey, Ken?” Came a hot reply from her husband. Clearly he wasn’t happy. “Where are you, Nina?”

She hesitated for a split second. What was this about? After the brief pause, however, she proceeded bravely.

“I’m at the office getting some work done. We’re swimming in briefings and paperwork here.” She said, putting on her best Oscar-winning performance. “Is something wrong?”

She heard an exhale, part of an exasperated sigh. Something was definitely wrong.

“Do you have any idea what day it is?” He asked. She could hear pain in his voice, and it certainly wasn’t the first time. Everyone in his family told him she had only married him for his money, but she was so loving sometimes, it was enough for him to believe otherwise. Times like this, however, made him doubt.

Nina performed a deep scan of her memory, frantically searching for the answer. When nothing came to her, she snapped her finger at Tony Todd to get her a calendar. January 13th. Their wedding anniversary.

“Oh fuck, Ken, I completely forgot.” She said in the phone, her voice starting to shake. “Oh my God, baby, I’m so sorry.”

“How could you forget our anniversary?” He asked, clearly stricken with grief.

“I know, Kenny. I promise I’ll come home right away and make it up to you, okay?”

There was another pause. Clearly a part of him didn’t want to let her off that easy, but the rest seemed much more forgiving. Finally, he relented.

“Okay, Nina. But you better hurry up. Diner is getting cold.”

“I’ll be there. Go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine and I’ll join you for the second one, okay?”

He agreed and the phone call was ended. She placed the phone back on the desk next to Tony. He had resumed his place to listen to her call.

“Holy hell, Nina. Your anniversary?” He asked, a somewhat sad smile on his face. “And you’re in the office getting worked on by an employee. Don’t you feel like a piece of shit right about now?”

“Bad girls should be bad, Tony.” She said with a surprising grin as she crouched down at his feet again and unfastened his belt. “Now, where was I?”

“Don’t you need to get going?” He asked, arching his hips in her direction even as he asked.

“Guess I’ll have to be quick.” She said, and then freed his manhood from its home. She spent around six minutes giving it attention with a skill no one would ever expect to find in a Vice President, and then, when he was finished, she grabbed a breath mint and headed for the Secret Service car.


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