As a member of Sim Central, all rules in effect within this organization also apply to The West Wing. As such these rules can be considered complementary to the organization-wide rules:

-All members of the sim are expected to treat each other with respect and fairness. Harassment or rudeness will not be tolerated.

-The West Wing is centered around the day-to-day lives of members of the US President's political staff, military leadership, congressional leadership, and many civilian supporters. Because of the nature of this sim and the level of responsibility placed on its characters, we are expecting players to engage with some more mature and complex topics, including those you might find in high stress, interpersonal relationships. As such, The West Wing sim is for players 18+.

-Writers are the owners of their created characters. Any action of a Played Character (whether primary or secondary) without the consent of the owner of that character is not allowed.

-The main characters of this sim are members of the President's White House Staff. Any npc's from other manifests or areas of government will need to be approved by the GM and may be unavailable in order to maintain sim focus.

-Stories written as part of the storylines are property of The West Wing. No single writer can exercise copyright over anything but their own individual characters.

-Writers are expected to contribute regularly to ongoing joined posts and post at least once every two weeks.

-The West Wing is based on an ensemble cast of characters where individual writers control multiple characters. Initially new writers will be limited to a primary character and two secondary characters (assigned to non-senior posts). This limit will be increased based on demonstrated activity and writing capability. All secondary characters must be approved by the GM.

-Players should avoid "Metagaming:" using your out-of-character knowledge to give your PCs or NPCs in-game knowledge they would not otherwise have.

-Players should also avoid "God Syndrome" or "Super-heroism." Please stick to your character's biography and don't spontaneously generate new skills or talents to solve a crisis or give your character an edge.